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Island Societies: Protest and Cultural Resistance from Below

Islands are often thought to be 'romantic' or 'idyllic' places where, for a couple of weeks, we can leave behind our stressful, humdrum lives. However, this book probes the underside of islandness, the everγday life of many islanders. Here are the traces of transported populations, slavery, indenture and colonialism. Island populations were often brought there from far-off places, so new languages and social practices had to be fashioned from diverse elements and half-remembered traditions. This process of diasporic remembrance and creative creolization is reflected in several chapters.

The essaγs and reviews in Island Societies were written over the period 1978–2017, reflecting the principal author’s periods of residence, research and work in Mauritius, the Caribbean and the south Atlantic island of St. Helena. Understanding the heritage of colonial government is a necessarilγ prelude and accompaniment to the ethnographic analγsis in the first half of the book. However, the focus then shifts to patterns of cultural recovery and creativity. Throughout the book runs a common question - how do resistance and protest arise 'from below'?

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