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A tenacious faith in humanity: London artist Malgorzata Bialokoz Smith takes as her constant theme the drama of humanity – which makes it fitting that her works are physically on an ambitious scale and illustrative of the wide range of emotions.

James Brewer

Your work never stands still and is always developing into a new ways of expressing your deepest preoccupations and reflections.

Priscilla Tolkien

Her work is characterised by an imaginative exploration of universal themes to which all of us can in his or her own way respond.

Edward Robinson

The beauty of your work is rooted in the reality of earth but it raises the earth to heaven where God transforms it.

Sister Wendy Beckett

Your work greatly pleased me: poetic but forceful, colourful but also astringent, – and above all, a real lyrical tenderness.

Paul Crossley
Courtauld Institute of Art

This is an account not only of the events of her life and the life of her family but also an account of the important influence of art and culture on their lives.

Dorothy Horgan

Your works of art are sophisticated and full of intellect.

Hitoshi and Haruyo Ohnishi

ISBN: 978 0 9950031 5 8

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